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Director / Writer / Co-Producer

Runtime: 3 minutes

Created for TedX Sydney


When Vincent, an older man suffering with dementia, is faced with the confronting memories of his late wife, he is pulled through an array of distorted and unreliable memories from an epic love he shared with her. We experience his disorientated and slightly haunting mind as we dive into a web of conflicting and intertwined memories. He then is brought back to the present just to relive the loss of his late wife as if it were the first time experiencing it.

Head of Department Credits Writer & Director: Lexee Gordoun Producers: Zain Ayub & Lexee Gordoun 1st Assistant Director: Zain Ayub 2nd Assistant Director: Nadine Torney DOP & Editor: Chris Ras 1st AC: Ben Lawford Gaffers: Datu Bethke & Finn Ashton Production Designer: Lauren Griffiths & Ella Grinberg H&MUA: Fox Wilde Sound Recordist and Designer: Gordon Fletcher Composer: Steve Toppa Cast: ​ Amelia: Lily Brown Griffiths Older Vincent: Paul Jones Young Vincent: Lane Davis Ava: Siera Leyshon


TedX Sydney

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