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Two's a Lesson


Co-Producer / 2nd AD

Runtime: 21 minutes


After seeing his family fail time after time at getting any type of response from his Alzheimer-diagnosed grandfather, Rene, an innocent teen, discovers an empty packet of old playing cards which leads him on a journey deep into the world of magic.


After being surrounded by talented, world class magicians, he believes magic tricks are the answer to getting his grandfather "back". Although, Rene must discover a way to bypass the magicians code to learn how a certain magic trick is done before it's too late. 

Head of Department Credits:


Writer & Director: Joshua Urquhart

Assistant Director: Lily Meek
Producers: Lexee Gordoun, Federico Anderson
DOP: Lochlan Miller

Camera Operator: Hady Hadid

1st AC: Maddie Messenger
Production Designer: Lauren Read

Editor: Lochlan Miller


Rene: Cooper Alexis

Bella: Ashley Ross

Dave: Edward Gay

Ryan: Gavin Jones

Shin: Christian Heath

Gwydion: Peter Kurzawski


List of Awards:

American Golden Picture International Film Awards - Best First Time Filmmaker

Europe Film Festival - Best Indie Short Film

New York international Film Awards - Best Original Story

London Shorts - Best Original Story

Stockholm City Film Festival - Best Actor

Boden International Film Festival - Best First Time Short Film

Auber International Film Festival - Best Student Film

LIFF Sweden - Best Student Film

Cannes World Film Festival - Best Family/Children's Film & Best Original Story