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Director / Co-Writer / Co-Producer

Runtime: 22 minutes



A 70% Female set.


Harley isn't your average girl. She is a car loving, town hating, masculine-female with a f*ck off attitude that will have you wanting more. After the passing of her father, she takes over the family run mechanic garage tackling sexism and prejudice with a witty sense of humour and a big bubble of gum. It wasn't that she wasn't strong enough - it was society that broke her.

Head of Department Credits Co-Writers: Lexee Gordoun & Tayla Maree Director: Lexee Gordoun Assistant Director: Joshua Urquhart Producers: Tayla Maree, Lexee Gordoun & Lena Albin DOP: Chris Ras 1st AC & 2nd AC: Josh Mifsud, Tahnee Simpson Production Designer: Tessa Leal & Riona Day Editor: Alessia Francischellio Cast: Harley Johnson: Scarlet Hunter Shane Johnson: Morrison James Ashton Morrison: Xavier Molyneux

List of Awards

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