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Bad Beat


Director / Writer / Co-Producer

Runtime: 21 minutes

WINNER - Paris Short Festival - 2021_edited.png
WINNER - NYIFA - 2021_edited.png

Definition of a ‘Bad Beat’:


In poker, bad beat is a subjective term for a hand in which a player with what appear to be strong cards nevertheless loses.


"Cards are war in disguise of a sport." 

When three interconnected men reunite following WWII, they are forced to face the wrath of each others resentment for trauma caused during the war. After a poker game that reunites two ex-comrades, they are forced confront their past in order to overcome their trauma... however, instead the men bury their wounds in greed, temporarily numbing the pain and causing great collateral damage. 

It begs the question, are these men inherently violent or are they a product of their very unfortunate experiences.

WINNER - Venice Shorts - 2021_edited.png

Head of Department Credits:

Writer & Director: Lexee Gordoun

Assistant Director: Tane Palise
Producers: Helena Naisara, Lexee Gordoun
DOP: Lauren Griffiths

Camera Operator: Dylan Faulkner

1st AC & 2nd AC: Josh Mifsud, Phillip Scibberas
Production Designer: Tessa Leal

Editor, Colourist and Continuity: Jashwin Prasad

Stunt Co-ordinator: George Saliba

Armourer: Daniel Martin


Jeffery Alto: Benjamin Murray

Richard Banks: John Logiacco

Archie Hills: Hayden Simmons

Leo Addington: Luke Moody

Thomas Alto: Chase Smith-Wood

Anna Alto: Kristy Woodward

List of Awards:

Andromeda Film Festival - Best Short Film

Los Angeles Film Awards - Best Crime Film

New York international Film Awards - Best Producer and Best Student Film

Vienna Indie Short Film Festival - Best Student Film

Venice Shorts - Best Student Film

Paris International Short Festival - Best Student Film

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